Café No Sé in Antigua, Guatemala is the birth place of Ilegal and the first mezcal bar outside of Mexico. With live music 365 days a year, it offers a space for local artist as well as traveling musicians from around the world to meet and play.  It’s also a bar where musicians come to hear musicians. The front bar you get music, in the back bar you get cocktails and through the fridge door you get mezcal.


Dyslexia, the bookstore which is attached to Cafe No Sé, is self described by Juan Pablo and editor in chief Michael Tallon as "consistently interesting, normally drunk."  The used bookstore, which has books in 10-­‐20 languages depending on the stock at the time. Carries better contemporary books as well as classics and a beautifully curated selection of books on a variety of subjects. The bookstore also serves as the headquarters for publishing.

 "We began publishing books last year and we’ve been publishing La Cuadra Magazine for 7 years now. La Cuadra is pretty special. The writing is damn good across the board and we have writers from around the world, some professional and some just starting out. The magazine covers politics, art, music, and travel. A good deal of it is in essay format. The idea is to make you think and laugh, to take it all very seriously and not seriously at all. But, most importantly SAY SOMETHING."