Cool Hunting

Hoerner's exhibiting the photos just blocks from where they were taken, in the old Perry Street Theater, which Ilegal Mezcal now calls home. Here, they've hosted a series of concerts with proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood. And now the show "Ilegal Pride," curated by Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar Creative Director Matthew Green and Ilegal Mezcal's brand team leader Kaylan Rexer, stakes claim to the walls with a portion of proceeds benefitting select LGBTQ youth charities.

Extra Crispy

In the summer of 2015, in response to Trump calling all Mexicans “rapists and criminals,” John Rexer conceived of a guerrilla marketing campaign with the message “Donald Eres Un Pendejo"—as in, “Donald You’re An Asshole.” The American ex-pat and bar-owner wanted to promote his small batch mezcal brand, Ilegal, while expressing vehement opposition to Trump’s racist and xenophobic campaign.