Soho House | Mexico City

The Ilegal team was honored to kick off a proper launch into CDMX at the stunning Soho House Mexico City.

Opened by John Rexer in the early 2000s, Café No Sé has become the beating heart of an international music scene in Antigua, Guatemala. This is the original home of Ilegal Mezcal + the first mezcal bar opened outside of Mexico.

Bar Ilegal is an experiential outpost of Café No Sé, and Ilegal's 2023 tour celebrated 20(ish) years since the opening of our legendary home. After an amazing year circling North America, beginning in Oaxaca and ending in New York City, the Ilegal team snuck in one more celebration in January, a few weeks behind schedule, in the always welcoming Mexico City.

DJ Paurro set the mood for a very stylish crowd, as they tried our Mezcal Margaritas, Spicy Palomas, Negronis, and neat mezcal pours. In the room just off the bar, we were honored to have our talented friends Lapiztola join us from Oaxaca to screen print custom t-shirts for our fans. At 9PM, SUSU took to the stage, and all bets were off. Liza and Kia prowled across the pricy furniture and its inhabitants, whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

Announcements for our 2024 Bar Ilegal Tour are coming soon. Next up for our team is the Paste Magazine East Austin Block Party, showcasing 60+ bands across four stages, March 13-15. RSVP here for more information.