The Will & The Way | New Orleans

Our very first Reposado Room was a tremendous opportunity to showcase our aged mezcals to the crowds at Tales of the Cocktail.

Ilegal helped introduce the world to aged mezcal with our Reposado and Añejo expressions. In 2022, we launched our limited edition 7 Year Añejo Mezcal, aged in just 35 barrels of French Oak. To help celebrate and bring these delicious mezcals to the masses, we developed the Reposado Room.

We envisioned the Repo Room as a little oasis to drink elegant aged mezcal cocktails in a laid back atmosphere, listen to great music, and make new friends, and there was no better test for this approach than at Tales of the Cocktail, when the entire spirit industry descends upon New Orleans in the sweltering July heat.

Thanks to the beautiful cocktail program developed in partnership with The Will & The Way, the Soul/R&B playlist by DJs Liza and Kia from SUSU, and the warm ambiance created by the Ilegal team, we had a gorgeous evening to cap off a lovely week at Tales (An extra special shoutout to air conditioning).

Photos by Sarah Craig in the gallery below.