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Musician’s Breakfast: Mannequin Pussy

This raw kitchen counter acoustic series digitally brings the artist and their music from their home. Mannequin Pussy’s ferocious spirit and sound could only come from Philly roots. The punk band’s newest EP “Perfect”, bursting forth after months of uncertainty and isolation, is the incendiary sound we need this year.

After a year apart, Mannequin Pussy brings us together the same way passing a bottle of mezcal does; with a certain fire, with an untamable spirit.

More Mannequin Pussy:

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Ilegal Mezcal x Bronx Brewery: Side Hustle Seltzerita

For the first time in over a year, we’ll all be able to get together again. To soak in NYC together. To party together. To celebrate, we’re joining forces with The Bronx Brewery to create a new kind of hard seltzer. One bursting with grapefruit, lime and mezcal flavor, and one built around the idea that we’re all better together.

Side Hustle Seltzerita: grapefruit, lime, bravo hops, aged with Ilegal Mezcal oak staves.

Each 4 pack features different labels – one from NYC, one from Mexico City. Graffiti artist Andrea von Bujdoss (AKA “QueenAndrea”) has returned to create one of the Selzerita labels – exploding with eye-catching neon. And from Mexico City, artists Gran OM and Kloer take inspiration from Andrea’s design and weave them into a Tree of Life motif, with Ilegal’s signature raw and unapologetic style.

More info + how to buy

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Community Fridges

This year in the US alone, 42 million people are at risk of food insecurity; 19% of Latinx and 25% of Black children are currently food insecure.

Our impact is an ongoing discussion at Ilegal. This year we are starting the conversation locally. Through grassroots initiatives, we can help create sustainable, long-term access and support for food-insecure communities. For instance, public fridges are one way to help us get to know our neighbors, raise awareness and help feed those who need access to food.

Take action – Visit our interactive map to find the community fridge nearest you.

Learn more about and support our community partners – Humans4, Los Patojos, No Us Without You, and Team Brownsville – who do amazing work within their communities 365 days a year:

Love Your Neighbor,

Ilegal Mezcal

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Events Intro

From our founding, Ilegal Mezcal has strived to build the sort of community & environment that Café No Sé, the birthplace of Ilegal, has long provided artists and musicians.

Since the start of the pandemic, in order to keep our friends, families, and partners safe, we have cancelled large scale, in-person events and introduced new virtual programming. We are in this together, and we look forward to bellying up to the bar with you again soon.