American Mandala by Don Patron, which opens to the public September 18th is a tribute to New York and will be the last gallery exhibition inside the walls of Ilegal's West Village home, the Perry street theatre.  The quarterly art series, curated by Matthew Green, and Ilegal Mezcal's Global Brand Director Kaylan Rexer has been taking place at this historic location since 2015 and will find a new home in Brooklyn this winter. Which also means this may be the last time the doors to the historic Perry Street theatre are open to the public. 

The ongoing gallery series aims to showcase art within an experiential environment. The mission is to activate all five senses by creating a physically and mentally stimulating artistic experience. Ilegal Mezcal aims to create a genuine, unique approach to their exhibitions by establishing a sense of community through the shared personal experience of the art in an intimate setting. This environment provides a platform for the art to speak for itself and allows the artist to fully benefit from the profits of their work.



American Mandala

by Don Patron



Patron is a self-taught art history enthusiast, focusing his studies at at very early age using a book given to him by his grandfather to understand and imitate each of the different art genres through the ages. Patron has translated his gifts to multiple areas of art, including fashion, photography, events and painting.

“Art should have an obligation to Humanity"

As a painter and artist, Patron’s mission is to bring more truths about the world that we live in to the community in a beautiful way. Patron has focused his humanitarian art efforts on wounded soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, children living and dying with cancer and the struggles and beauty in the life of Washington DC’s homeless community.


The posters and graffiti I chose to recapture and preserve for American Mandala are heavily altered cryptograms. They are the manifestation of the images drastic change from their original state of display due to Weather , Human interaction , and mechanical systems all collaborating within the art that is chosen for exhibition.

The Depth capacity of these displayed illusory forms are a reflection of society's archetype and psyche. These images express the corresponding rhythm of structure, the commonality of mankind, and that which has the resilience to endure from that which fades in energy and passes.

The sacred still exists in the choreography of our city, upon its ever changing hieroglyphic surfaces, life in urban settings survives in the consistent movement of energy resurfacing as mandalas that will and will not be, a testament to our own shifting impermanence.

American Mandala Opening Event




Tres - A Visual Exploration of the Muxes of Juchitá


Open To The Public

June 22 - 12 TO 6PM


Hidden in the south of Mexico lies a small region containing a community which follows pre-columbian Zapotecan customs. Juchitán is not only the last matriarchy in Mexico but also the only place in the country that acknowledges a third gender. Our collaboration revolves around them; the Muxes.

The Muxes are what American society would classify as transgender. Male born members of the Zapotecan culture that take on the roles of women. The inspiration for this project is the deep involvement of the Muxes’ role in their community. In an age of increasing connectivity and outside influences, the Muxes and the ancient Zapotecan traditions are being preserved and protected by the people and government of Oaxaca, from the heteronormativity that most cultures impose.

Immersing ourselves in their culture and integrating with the members of this region, we captured their truthful spirit, transforming it into visual statements for our audience to feel and experience. Through a combination of photography and mixed media, we to show our viewers how this society that is run with respect and acceptance is more beneficial than harmful.

We are both queer artists with a mutual admiration for each others artistic styles it was clear to us the necessity to create something beautiful, reflecting the special affinity and respect we have for the sociocultural importance of this group and its members. We hope our viewers feel moved by the evocative and thoughtful visual exploration we present.


Lolita Matsui and Lindsey Byrnes


Artfucker - Opening April 20th


Artfucker is visual identity that emerged in 2017. Never one to be constrained to a medium, the New-York based artist, used a combination of manipulated photography and mixed media to transport viewers into a surreal environment.

Inspired by gender identities, queer culture, and their passion to create, these pieces communicate unspoken feelings and moods.

“My mind is very intense. I dream almost every night. Even in my sleep, I feel present. These are almost like a dream journal. I am connected to these concepts; especially the ones illuminate that gender is a social construct. ”

Artfucker's known for using macro shots of the human body with everyday environments and objects.

"I love creating environments within body parts. It's something you've never experienced, but recognize, so it makes you feel something."




ThankYouX became well known on the streets of Los Angeles in 2009 for his large iconic Andy Warhol spray paint stencils. Signing "Thank You X" underneath in a gesture of anonymous gratitude for Warhol's aesthetic of rebellious integrity. The name accidentally became the artist's identity. Inspired by the pop tropes and bright colors of that NYC art scene, ThankYouX has exhibited paintings and sculptures in London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Hong Kong. Now using his Street style in a more abstract way, he has been getting new attention for his geometric mixed media cube paintings. He was the official artist of the 2016 Global Citizen music festival in New York. This fall he teamed up with MTV for a traveling Virtual Reality art show based on the election. The show went to each of the debates as well as The White House. During Art Basel Miami 2016 ThankYouX created a special installation for Soho House using a Samsung 360 camera inside of an interactive art booth. ThankYouX just held a solo exhibition in New York City and is currently working on an exhibition in Hong Kong early next year as well as Berlin next Summer.

IM %22The Collaborations%22 3.JPG


By CRASH, Bio & Nick Walker

In 2015 after experimenting with colors and shapes on big murals in the LES of NYC, infamous street artists Crash, Bio & Nick Walker began creating smaller pieces in celebration of their collaboration from the year before. Two years and 30 pieces later, they present to you "The Collaborations"