Musician’s Breakfast: Chant Farrar

This raw kitchen counter acoustic series, inspired by an Ilegal Mezcal drink, digitally brings the artist and their music from their home.

Musician's Breakfast

The Musician’s Breakfast (noun) – an order special to patrons of the Café No Sé bar in Antigua, Guatemala. Consists of a can of beer + a shot of Ilegal Mezcal.

Today’s Musician’s Breakfast offers up cool vibes – Philadelphia singer/songwriter and “professional smartass” Chant Farrar, accompanied by guitarist Zavetis, offers up brilliant vocal stylings and a cover of “Wake Up Alone” by Amy Winehouse.

Released in 2020, Chant Farrar’s EP ‘Honey’ is a collection of soulful, warm songs, perfect for the breakfast nook.

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