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Black Lives Matter Resources: Somos Ilegales Cuando La Ley Está Contra La Gente. Stand with us in support of the black community in America, who has endured injustice and systemic oppression for far too long.

Humans4 (Formerly Hospitality United): a non-profit organization aimed at helping strengthen local communities through various missions. Humans4 started as Hospitality United during COVID-19 a grassroots organization feeding medical workers at New York Hospitals and supporting local restaurants that are still providing food for takeout and delivery.

No Us Without You – $33 Provides groceries for one week for 4 people

SNAP State Directory of Resources: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Creative Capital: A list of recourses and grants for those who work in the arts

CORE Grants: Support to families with children who work in the food & beverage service industry

More Resources: We have put together a sheet of recourse for hospitality workers, undocumented workers, and more. This list is constantly being updated, so please let us know if you have questions or recourses we should add. Please contact us at