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V03 Artist: SUSU

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Album: It Can’t Be Over
Song: Panther City

In September of 2019, Ilegal Mezcal partnered with Niles City Sound in Fort Worth, Texas, to make the Untitled Music Project a reality and record the newly formed supergroup SUSU. With Liza Colby and Kia Warren at the helm, producer Josh Block brought together a group of Musicians whose touring credits include Leon Bridges, Carrie Underwood, and Ben Harper, among many more.

The Untitled Music Project gives the viewer a window behind the scenes to the artist’s journey and the recording process.  At the heart of this project is a 3 part docu-series showcasing the studio sessions. The recordings have now been pressed to vinyl for all to be able to experience SUSU’S extraordinary sound.  

All profits from Vinyl sale through Ilegal go to helping further develop a music and art program at Los Patojos school in Guatemala.

Listen below to “It Can’t Be Over,” from the Untitled Music Project recorded at Niles City Sound.

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