No Celebrities,
Just Damn Good Mezcal.

No Celebrities,
Just Damn Good Mezcal.

Ilegal Mezcal Recipes

Signature Cocktails by Ilegal Bartenders

Handcrafted in small-batches, Ilegal Mezcal has a beautifully balanced profile, with a mouth full of agave and a hint of smoke. A unique and complex taste for those who enjoy sipping spirits like tequila, bourbon, or craft gin.

While our mezcal is perfect neat, it is exceptional in cocktails – originals and reimagined classics alike.  Check out our signature mezcal cocktail recipes, and try Ilegal as the base spirit in a Mezcal Margarita, a Mezcal Mule, or your favorite cocktail.

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“We believe that at the door of your business, your values should be exemplified and defended.”

—  John Rexer, Founder

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The Bronx Brewery and Ilegal Mezcal announced a limited-release, mezcal margarita-inspired collab that brings the two NYC-based brands together to create a new kind of hard seltzer – Side Hustle Seltzerita, a 7% ABV hard seltzer bursts with grapefruit, lime and bravo hops, with bright mezcal flavor from aging with Ilegal oak staves.

“Until 2020 I had never been one to care much about which, if any, liquor I have at home. But needless to say, this year is different, and a well-stocked liquor cabinet has become a big priority. As a devoted mezcal drinker, one of my number one go-to bottles to always keep around is Ilegal Mezcal Joven. Perfectly smooth and lightly smokey, this mezcal is excellent for drinking on-the-rocks but also makes for a great cocktail. A personal favorite is using it in place of tequila in a Margarita, both classic and frozen, or in this Mezcal Negroni.” — Elsa Säätelä, senior producer