Ilegal Mezcal NYC Headquarters - 31 Perry Street NYC

Ilegal Mezcal and Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar have come together to collaborate on a quarterly art series. Curated by Rose Bar’s Creative Director, Matthew Green, and Ilegal Mezcal's brand team lead by Kaylan Rexer, the series takes place in Ilegal’s new West Village home, the old Perry Street theatre.

The ongoing gallery series aims to showcase art within an experiential environment. The mission is to activate all five senses by creating a physically and mentally stimulating artistic experience. Ilegal Mezcal and Rose Bar aim to create a genuine, unique approach to their exhibitions by establishing a sense of community through the shared personal experience of the art in an intimate setting beyond the four walls of Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel. This environment provides a platform for the art to speak for itself and allows the artist to fully benefit from the profits of their work.




Elles Son Muxes - June 2018

Quietly hidden in the south of Mexico, there lies a small region that runs an advanced civilization by following their pre-columbian Zapotecan customs. Juchitán is the last matriarchy in Mexico, but more than that, it is the only place in the country that acknowledges and celebrates a third gender. Our collaboration revolves around the Muxes; neither men or woman. 


The Muxes are anatomically men that dress and take the role of a woman in society. What inspired this project is how Muxes are celebrated by the community they are part of. In an age where there’s no place that can stay remote, the Muxes and the ancient Zapotecan norms have remained unchanged by the heteronormativity that most cultures often impose. 


With a combination of photography and mixed media pieces, we aim to show our viewers how a society that is ran with respect and acceptance can be more beneficial than harmful. Immersing ourselves in their culture and integrating with the members of this region, we hope to capture their truthful spirit and resonate it to visual statements for our audience to feel and experience.


As women part of the LGBT community and the admiration we have toward each others artistic styles, lead us to the need to create something beautiful that reflected the special affinity and respect we have on the sociocultural importance of this group and the members of the community themselves. We hope our viewers feel moved by the evocative and thoughtful images we present. 


-Lindsey & Lolita



Artfucker - Opening April 20th


Artfucker is visual identity that emerged in 2017.  Never one to be constrained to a medium, the New-York based artist, used a combination of manipulated photography and mixed media to transport viewers into a surreal environment.


Inspired by gender identities, queer culture, and their passion to create, these pieces communicate unspoken feelings and moods.   


“My mind is very intense. I dream almost every night.  Even in my sleep, I feel present.  These are almost like a dream journal. I am connected to these concepts; especially the ones  illuminate that gender is a social construct. ”


Artfucker's known for using macro shots of the human body with everyday environments and objects.


"I love creating environments within body parts. It's something you've never experienced, but recognize, so it makes you feel something."




ThankYouX became well known on the streets of Los Angeles in 2009 for his large iconic Andy Warhol spray paint stencils. Signing "Thank You X"  underneath in a gesture of anonymous gratitude for Warhol's aesthetic of rebellious integrity. The name accidentally became the artist's identity. Inspired by the pop tropes and bright colors of that NYC art scene, ThankYouX has exhibited paintings and sculptures in London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Hong Kong.  Now using his Street style in a more abstract way, he has been getting new attention for his geometric mixed media cube paintings. He was the official artist of the 2016 Global Citizen music festival in New York. This fall he teamed up with MTV for a traveling Virtual Reality art show based on the election. The show went to each of the debates as well as The White House. During Art Basel Miami 2016 ThankYouX created a special installation for Soho House using a Samsung 360 camera inside of an interactive art booth. ThankYouX just held a solo exhibition in New York City and is currently working on an exhibition in Hong Kong early next year as well as Berlin next Summer. 


CRASHBio & Nick Walker

In 2015 after experimenting with colors and shapes on big murals in the LES of NYC, infamous street artists Crash, Bio & Nick Walker began creating smaller pieces in celebration of their collaboration from the year before. Two years and 30 pieces later, they present to you "The Collaborations"  

Photos from opening event can be found here: