Community Fridges

The climate crisis, socio-economic inequality, and an ongoing pandemic, directly impact people's access to vital resources, including food. Food insecurity affects a large population globally.

This year in the US alone, 42 million people are at risk of food insecurity; 19% of Latinx and 25% of Black children are currently food insecure.

Our impact is an ongoing discussion at Ilegal. This year we are starting the conversation locally. Through grassroots initiatives, we can help create sustainable, long-term access and support for food-insecure communities. For instance, public fridges are one way to help us get to know our neighbors, raise awareness and help feed those who need access to food.

Take action - Visit our interactive map to find the community fridge nearest you.

Learn more about and support our community partners – Humans4, Los Patojos, No Us Without You, and Team Brownsville – who do amazing work within their communities 365 days a year:

Love Your Neighbor,

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