Ilegal Mezcal x Bronx Brewery: Side Hustle Seltzerita

Our limited-release, mezcal margarita-inspired collab with Bronx Brewery.

For the first time in over a year, we’ll all be able to get together again. To soak in NYC together. To party together. To celebrate, we’re joining forces with The Bronx Brewery to create a new kind of hard seltzer. One bursting with grapefruit, lime and mezcal flavor, and one built around the idea that we’re all better together.

Side Hustle Seltzerita: grapefruit, lime, bravo hops, aged with Ilegal Mezcal oak staves.

Each 4 pack features different labels – one from NYC, one from Mexico City. Graffiti artist Andrea von Bujdoss (AKA “QueenAndrea”) has returned to create one of the Selzerita labels – exploding with eye-catching neon. And from Mexico City, artists Gran OM and Kloer take inspiration from Andrea’s design and weave them into a Tree of Life motif, with Ilegal’s signature raw and unapologetic style.

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