Ilegal Mezcal X Forest Hills Stadium

Ilegal Mezcal's exclusive partnership with Forest Hills Stadium enters its 4th season, with the tattoo parlor pop-up continuing to be the heart of the venue.

The 2022 season is already a success for us, as we have more activations planned, more shows are scheduled than previous years, and the stadium’s newly hired booking agent has booked more exciting artists sure to draw larger crowds. We are proud to represent our brand at this historic stadium, and look forward to expanding visibility by adding more diverse activations and building a stronger beverage program.

The fan-favorite tattoo activation enhances the guest experience by delivering a unique and lasting memento. Guests pick from a flash sheet and get a free tattoo while watching their favorite band perform a stone's throw away. The pop-up is active at every show throughout the season at Forest Hills; participants must be 21+. The 2022 season will feature a new activation: Once a month, an artist will paint a live mural/canvas during a concert, and for the month following that piece will be on display for auction, with proceeds donated to a charity mutually selected by Ilegal Mezcal and Forest Hills Stadium.

Ilegal Mezcal maintains agave exclusivity at the concessions on the property, an indication of Ilegal’s leadership and continued progress within the mezcal category. This will be the first season the venue will carry all three Ilegal marks, with Joven still represented, Reposado being available at the concession stands as a markup feature (to Cadilac your margarita), and Añejo featured in the private speakeasy suites.

Forest Hills Stadium will be climate neutral, with a goal of being climate positive for the 2022 Season. To accomplish this, they are supporting a carbon sequestration and wildlife protection project in Colorado that will neutralize significantly more carbon than generated during the 2022 season. While Forest Hills Stadium is actively taking steps to minimize its carbon footprint before introducing offsets, the emissions that will be offset are (at the moment) unfortunately inevitable due to the nature of the live music industry.

Photo credit: Herminio Torres