Ilegal Mezcal x Paste Magazine

Ilegal Mezcal is thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Paste Magazine.

After years of bonding over our shared love of live music, we traveled with the Paste team to Antigua, Guatemala in December 2021, to produce the live-streamed concert series Paste Studio on the Road, at Café No Sé, Ilegal Mezcal's original home. We then hosted a show at the stunning La Casa de la Ruina, featuring Gaby Moreno, David Aguilar, Silvana Estrada, Lau Noah, Kath Palma and SUSU.

Our Greenpoint Showroom is now the New York home for the Paste Studio on the Road, and in 2022 our stage has been graced by iconic artists like Gogol Bordello and John Oates (of Hall & Oates), and rising acts like Thick, Dead Tooth, and Lovechild. And at SXSW, we presented Paste Magazine's 20th anniversary showcase, featuring 44 bands including Delta Spirit and Sunflower Bean, over four days at the Pershing in Austin, TX - pictures by Gabriel Walker in the gallery below!

Check back for announcements of more to come with Paste Magazine, and discover more about our connection to music, including our Musician's Breakfast series, here.