Love Your Neighbor: El Patojismo

"Education is the only way to stop violence, racism, inequality, and poverty."

El Patojismo Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes created the Los Patojos school in Jocotenango, Guatemala, to provide a safe environment for children to thrive in and learn the skills to affect change in their community.

As part of Los Patojos' mission, they intiate projects to help provide access to the tools necessary for success. These are the projects they are working on:

Education - Since 2006, El Patojismo has been creating change in the lives of students through the arts, social emotional learning, community building, sports, and critical thinking techniques. Each aspect of the dynamic program helps students become confident and contributing members of the community.

Online Learning - Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, teachers have pivoted and become highly efficient in delivering classes to students online. For students without internet access, teachers personally deliver weekly learning packages.

Colectivo B'atz - A powerful group of young people who grew up in the project now promote the philosophy of "Dreams and Ideas in Action." The essence of the project is "serve before being served," with the goal to transform their community.

For more information about Los Patojos and their projects, check out their website:

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