Love Your Neighbor: Humans4

Humans4 aims to help strengthen local communities through various missions, and is one of the partners Ilegal Mezcal is honored to support.

The organization got its start as Hospitality Workers United, which was born in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Hospital Workers in the Bronx were in need of meals to fuel their fight. Due to government orders, many eateries shut down leaving medical & essential workers with little to no options.

For the next two months, Hospitality Workers United was able to help provide 25,000 meals across 8 city hospitals in NYC, partnering with over 10 local establishments and organizations during the length of the mission.

During the last few weeks of the mission, they noticed that the local undocumented community in Brooklyn was still feeling the effects of the Pandemic.

Humans 4 is currently on their second mission in partnership with Mixteca Organization in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, to help feed Latino families affected by COVID-19.

Every week, Humans4 is helping provide 60-70 prepared meals with the help of La Palapa lead by Owner + Chef, Barbara Sibley. As of Nov 1, 2020, La Palapa and Humans4 have provided over 1,600 meals to Mixteca.

Learn more about the organization and how you can help, at