Musician’s Breakfast: Abnormal Saints

This raw kitchen counter acoustic series, inspired by an Ilegal Mezcal drink, digitally brings the artist and their music from their home to your eyes and ears.

The Musician's Breakfast (noun) – an order special to patrons of the Café No Sé bar in Antigua, Guatemala. Consists of a can of beer and a shot of Ilegal Mezcal.

Picture this: a red Texas summer twilight slowly dwindling into a warm night, and you have nothing else to do other than to sit by yourself, take it all in and let your mind wander - Abnormal Saints provides the perfect soundtrack for doing just that. Their sometimes melancholic music offers a refined vintage sound built upon the Mexican Alt-Rock of the 1980s and 1990s, and it vibes really well with a glass of Añejo. Enjoy.

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