Sister Louisa’s Church | Atlanta

Sister Louisa's Church is actually a bar, but the vibes at Bar Ilegal Atlanta were still immaculate.

Opened by John Rexer in the early 2000s, Café No Sé has become the beating heart of an international music scene in Antigua, Guatemala. This is the original home of Ilegal Mezcal + the first mezcal bar opened outside of Mexico.

Bar Ilegal is an experiential outpost of Café No Sé. With dates in nine cities, the Bar Ilegal 2023 tour celebrates around 20(ish) years since the opening of our legendary home, bringing mezcal cocktails and education, flash tattoos, and live performances from our dear friends SUSU. After stopping in Oaxaca in April, Miami and Chicago in May, and New Orleans in July, we paid a sweet September visit to Sister Louisa's Church in Atlanta.

Old friends stopped by, new ones were made over mezcal cocktails, and Black Cat Tattoo Shop handed out a whopping 42 Ilegal flash tats. Special thanks to them, DJ La Superior, and the wonderful team at Sister Louisa's Church.

More pics by Sarah Craig in the gallery below!