The Sylvester | Miami

Rumor has it the Bar Ilegal at the Sylvester had the best vibes yet. See for yourself in our gallery ~

Opened by John Rexer in the early 2000s, Café No Sé has become the beating heart of an international music scene in Antigua, Guatemala. This is the original home of Ilegal Mezcal + the first mezcal bar opened outside of Mexico.

Bar Ilegal is an experiential outpost of Café No Sé. The 2023 tour set off in April in Oaxaca, and continued in May with consecutive stops in Chicago and Miami.

The stop at the Sylvester was well attended, and we were thrilled to see so many friends from the local team, industry partners, and fans of the brand. Cocktails were executed flawlessly, our tattoo artists Chris Tamborelli and Eddy Ospina gave out 46 flash tattoos, and SUSU brought an electric show with some of our favorite Liza and Kia outfits to date. Have a look in the gallery below, photos by Sarah Craig:


SEP 12 - Atlanta, GA
SEP 15 - Austin, TX
NOV 8 - Los Angeles, CA
DEC 6 [NEW DATE!] - Brooklyn, NY

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