West Hollywood, CA | Las Perlas

Bar Ilegal kicked off the California leg of its tour at Las Perlas in West Hollywood.

Opened by Ilegal founder John Rexer in the early 2000s, Café No Sé has become the beating heart of an international music scene in Antigua, Guatemala. This is the original home of Ilegal Mezcal + the first mezcal bar opened outside of Mexico.

Bar Ilegal is an experiential outpost of Café No Sé. We kicked off Bar Ilegal 2022 with four straight weekends in Hunter, NY, then two March dates in Florida. On April 18th, the Ilegal crew and our dear friends SUSU brought live music, mezcal, and flash tattoos to Hollywood, and the line to get into Las Perlas stretched around the block.

Remaining calendar below! Later venue announcements coming soon.

Sacramento [Apr 20]
San Antonio [May 16]
Fort Worth [May 19]
Nashville [Jun 15]
Montauk [Jun 18]
New Orleans [Jul 28]
Chicago [Aug 18]

Pics by Rene Banuelos (b&w) and Sarah Craig (color) in the gallery below ~