Pride Collaboration

In honor of Pride Month, and to honor the black trans lives that have been unjustly taken we have launched a collaboration with the visual artist, Artfucker.

All profits from the work will go to the Marsha P Johnson Institute and WayOut.

While Artfucker prefers to remain anonymous to the public, their artwork is clearly personal and will certainly provide viewers a thought-provoking experience.

"This shirt was designed to fuel an important conversation about inclusivity and support the fight for the rights of all people. The llegal Mezcal bottle takes the shape of a genderless body, intended to break down the oppressive and archaic norms upheld by a patriarchal, binary system.

Regardless of how you identify, these norms have forced all people to abide by the rules of gender, preventing anyone from expanding beyond normative heterosexuality. The piece's colors draw inspiration from the Inclusive Pride flag, intentionally acknowledging the history and current struggles of BIPOC LGBTQ people." - Artfucker

Profits from the sale of these shirts will go to benefit BIPOC LGBTQ+ organizations, the Marsha P Johnson Institute and Wayout.

Due to COVID-19, BIPOC LGBTQIA+ gathering places have been closed, which has displaced some of the most vulnerable parts of the community. We have put together a map. The rainbow icons represent resources and digital gathering places. We will continue to add more info to the map if you feel we have missed something, please text PRIDE to (917) 540-6121 with more info. Someone will respond within 24 hours.

Love Your Neighbor - From The Ilegal Mezcal Team