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We are too keenly aware of the issues of immigration, the refugee crisis, gender discrimination, racism, and xenophobia. Climate Change affects the future of agriculture, food supply, water resources, air quality, economy, health care, migration, and human rights. These issues impact us, our friends, and our relatives. If you’re a U.S. citizen and not registered to vote, or you recently moved, it’s quick and easy to register or update below.

Pride Collaboration

In honor of Pride Month, and to honor the black trans lives that have been unjustly taken we have launched a collaboration with the visual artist, Artfucker. All profits from the work will go to the Marsha P Johnson Institute and WayOut. While Artfucker prefers to remain anonymous to the public, their artwork is clearly personal and will certainly provide viewers a though-provoking experience.

Partnership With Comvite

As a company we believe in supporting impartial and independent journalism that captures the human element and full story. For this reason, we will be funding Comvite’s projects on a quarterly basis.

A Flight For Survival

This short documentary tells the story about the challenges that Scarlet Macaws have in Northern Guatemala.

Bananas of Wrath

Over the past several months, thousands of migrants from Central America have been walking en masse towards the United States-Mexico border in search for a better life.

Surviving Purgatory

The eruption of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala on March 6, 2018, left hundreds dead and many more searching for their loved ones. A year after the eruption, these are the stories of some of the survivors.


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