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Introducing our new 100% Recycled Bottles

Ilegal Mezcal has strengthened our commitment to an eco-friendly foundation and future, announcing this month that all bottles will be made with 100% recycled glass.

Sacramento, CA | Shady Lady

We wrapped the California dates of Bar Ilegal at the Shady Lady Saloon in Sacramento.

Untitled Music Project

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Ilegal is heavily connected to the music scene. Cafe No Sé, the brand's birthplace, has always had live music, offering a creative space for local artists and traveling musicians from around the world to play. The Untitled Music Project was born out of a desire to build the same environment for musicians and producers, within the studio space, without the usual pressures the music industry can put on the creative process.  

In September of 2019, Ilegal Mezcal partnered with Niles City Sound in Fort Worth, Texas, to make the Untitled Music Project a reality and record the newly formed supergroup SUSU.  With Liza Colby and Kia Warren at the helm, producer Josh Block brought together a group of Musicians whose touring credits include Leon Bridges, Carrie Underwood, and Ben Harper, among many more.

The Untitled Music Project gives the viewer a window behind the scenes to the artist's journey and the recording process.  At the heart of this project is a 3 part docu-series showcasing the studio sessions. The recordings have now been pressed to vinyl for all to be able to experience SUSU'S extraordinary sound.  

All profits from Vinyl sale through Ilegal go to helping further develop a music and art program at Los Patojos school in Guatemala.

About Niles City Sound

Niles City Sound is a production and songwriting team consisting of Josh Block, Austin Jenkins, and Chris Vivion.  In 2014, they founded their recording studio in Fort Worth’s South Main. Committed to live recording, the space utilizes high-end vintage equipment as well as a high ceiling expansive tracking room.

Known for the release of the highly lauded Leon Bridges LP Coming Home, Niles City Sound is poised to become a landmark in the Dallas-Fort Worth music scene and has already drawn national attention and comparisons to some of the most iconic recording spaces. 

About SUSU

The embers of this rock n’ roll wildfire were first stoked three years ago when the Liza Colby Sound and Revel In Dimes merged as Revel Sound for select NYC shows including a coveted residency at legendary haunt The Rose Bar at Gramercy Hotel, a jaw-dropping performance at Webster Hall, and an exclusive appearance at sought after artist enclave The Surf Lodge. When NYC based Ilegal Mezcal presented a collaboration and the opportunity to record, “it just seemed like the logical next step,” Kia says. Liza chimes in: “You don’t know what you don’t know, and we certainly didn’t realize how much we needed each other. To see another woman of color fronting a rock band, and consider her a contemporary set a powerful, positive example for us. We all need to see women supporting each other.”

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