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Ilegal Mezcal’s Commitment to Quality

Why elevate your agave and tequila collection with Ilegal Mezcal? Ilegal is made ‘Sin Prisa’ without rush or hurry using artesanal methods. Produced in small lots – each bottle is hand corked, labeled, and numbered.

Our practices reflect our dedication to sustainability and biodiversity in the Oaxaca region. 100% natural, Ilegal Mezcal uses no artificial colors, yeasts, flavors, or additives. Just agave, sun, and time. Mezcal versus tequila, is handcrafted artisanally, and agave roasted in underground earthen ovens. Commitment to quality is apparent in every step of our process, from harvest to first sip.

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Thank you for supporting our events, buying our merchandise and helping us raise $50,000+ for some AMAZING ORGANIZATIONS in the following areas: Climate and Energy Solutions, Education, Undocumented youth & Immigration Reform, Women’s Reproductive Rights, Wildlife Animal Protection and LGBTQ Advocacy.

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