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Van Leeuwen Michelada

3 Scoops Van Leeuwen Paloma Sorbet

1oz Ilegal Mezcal Joven

1oz Grapefruit Juice

1 Beer

Pour mezcal and grapefruit juice over the sorbet, and top off with beer (we use Tecate).

Ilegal Mezcal Joven is an ingredient in Van Leeuwen’s January flavor of the month, inspired by the Paloma cocktail.

Signature Ilegal Mezcal Cocktail by Gilbert Marquez

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Tres – A Visual Exploration of the Muxes of Juchitán


Hidden in the south of Mexico lies a small region containing a community which follows pre-columbian Zapotecan customs. Juchitán is not only the last matriarchy in Mexico but also the only place in the country that acknowledges a third gender. Our collaboration revolves around them; the Muxes.

The Muxes are what American society would classify as transgender. Male born members of the Zapotecan culture that take on the roles of women. The inspiration for this project is the deep involvement of the Muxes’ role in their community. In an age of increasing connectivity and outside influences, the Muxes and the ancient Zapotecan traditions are being preserved and protected by the people and government of Oaxaca, from the heteronormativity that most cultures impose.

Immersing ourselves in their culture and integrating with the members of this region, we captured their truthful spirit, transforming it into visual statements for our audience to feel and experience. Through a combination of photography and mixed media, we to show our viewers how this society that is run with respect and acceptance is more beneficial than harmful.

We are both queer artists with a mutual admiration for each others artistic styles it was clear to us the necessity to create something beautiful, reflecting the special affinity and respect we have for the sociocultural importance of this group and its members. We hope our viewers feel moved by the evocative and thoughtful visual exploration we present.


Lolita Matsui and Lindsey Byrnes

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Ilegal Launches A Rare Aged Mezcal

Clearly a special occasion sort of spirit—kept under black wax-dipped cork—it can hardly be seen as a coincidence that it dropped just before the holiday season. And yes, it will make a great holiday dram for the agave-lovers in your gift-giving circle. But given the level of craftsmanship involved, the $175 asking price could actually be read as a bargain.

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Mezcal Vs. Tequila: Understanding the Key Differences

When to use mezcal or tequila? Since mezcal and tequila are both made from agave, they work well in similar drinks. [Ilegal Global Brand Ambassador Gilbert] Marquez uses the mantra, “if it grows together, it goes together.”

“For me, flavors that are endemic to Mexico will always pair well with mezcal or tequila,” he says. Flavors like citrus, agave nectar, and peppers pair well with both liquors. You also can’t go wrong with salt and lime.

Since mezcal has a smokier flavor, it can add depth to cocktails typically associated with tequila, like a margarita or paloma.

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Paste Studio in Antigua, Guatemala, Presented by Ilegal Mezcal

The Paste Studio on the Road goes international this week, streaming live from Café No Sé in the beautiful city of Antigua, Guatemala, thanks to our friends at Ilegal Mezcal. We’ll be at the legendary mezcal bar and intimate music venue in the heart of the historic district on Thursday, Dec. 16, with performances from Gaby Moreno, El David Aguilar, Silvana Estrada, Lau Noah and SUSU.